GPDN Conference and Membership FAQs

As a GPDN member attending the GPDN conference, do I get automatic access to the CAGS sessions or CAPA sessions?

If you register for the GPDN conference, you are eligible to attend all GPDN sessions as well as the CAGS plenary talks, opening and closing ceremonies, the CAGS award ceremony and the 3MT Showcase. All items on our overview agenda are covered by your GPDN conference fees. However, if you wish to attend any additional CAGS or CAPA sessions, you will need to pay CAGS or CAPA fees separately (in addition to GPDN fees).

If I already registered for the CAGS conference do I have to register for GPDN?

Yes, you will have to register for the GPDN conference if you want to have access to the GPDN specific sessions. See above for more detail on what is included with your GPDN conference registration.

Can I register to be a member, but choose not to attend the conference?

Yes – you can register through our webform and select your membership fees only. Simply ignore the conference fees section.

Can I register to attend the conference without being a member of GPDN?

No. Only members are eligible to register for the GPDN conference, as part of our membership fees help to fund the conference and it ensures only members are attending and voting at our AGM.

Why are membership fees higher than last year?

As GPDN continues to grow, our financial needs also grow and the intention, when we implemented a membership fee last year, was to increase fees incrementally to the point that our financial stability and ability to provide value to you and the people we serve was ensured. Membership fees for professionals were increased in 2021 to $150 to ensure the sustainability of our organization and its initiatives. New initiatives such as the annual audit, the Canadian Career Symposium for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows, hiring an anti-racism consultant, ensuring all of our materials and events are available in English and French, and updating our website all require financial support. We are asking members to pay a small annual membership fee to support GPDN’s work. The GPDN executive established membership fees based on the financial needs of the organization; the exec also compared our fees to partner organizations to ensure our membership fees were in line with what similar organizations were asking of members (e.g. CAPA, CAGS, CACUSS, GCC).

Do you have reduced conference or membership fees for students and/or postdocs?

Yes – student and postdoc memberships and conference attendance is provided at no cost.

Why are conference fees more than last year?

Conference fees this year are covering the costs of the plenary speakers, the system we use to host and broadcast the conference, translation and captioning services, the registration form and website costs and more. GPDN members also have access to significantly more programming this year through our shared conference with CAGS and CAPA, including all of the keynote/plenary talks, the 3MT showcase, and the CAGS award ceremony.

What options do I have if my institution will not pay for the conference fees or membership fees?

If your institution is unable or unwilling to pay for the conference fees or membership fees, please contact us at

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